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Cloud Inspections Portal Highlights:

  • Full Compliance inspection software
  • Accessible on IPad and other Tablets
  • Integrated inspection reports
  • Customizable inspection Forms
  • Multi-Platform Compatible
  • Unlimited Property hosting
  • Unlimited Inspectors supported
  • Automated data Integration
  • Unlimited user access
  • Unlimited Pictures per inspection

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Can I use many of the new tablets like the iPad and Galaxy?

Yes, we support most of the tablet operating systems.

What kind of inspections can I perform with The Cloud?

  • Property Inspections (UPCS)
  • Building Inspections (UPCS)
  • Unit Inspections (UPCS)

    • Move–In
    • Move-Out
    • Move-In/Move-Out (HUD 90106)
    • Quarterly Inspection
    • Annual Inspection
    • Special Inspection
    • Re-inspection
    • Surprise Inspection

Can I add photos to inspections?

Yes, you can add many photos to each inspectable item on the inspection list.

Can I use photos from my cell phone to add to the inspection?

Yes you can save your picture then add it directly to the inspection item.

I have a list of properties/buildings/units. How do I get this to Cloud Inspections?

We can help you import the data to Cloud if you can provide the details in the cloud inspections excel sheet format. You can download the property setup worksheet from  here

Can I export Inspections from the Cloud?

Yes.You can export inspections as PDF reports.

Do you have the HUD 90106 Move-In/Move-Out form?


Do you have the REAC inspection forms?

Yes, we have the UPCS Site, Building and Unit Inspections. And, we have the complete inspection specifications on screen while you are doing your inspection.

Can I add a custom inspection?

Currently, we are accepting new inspections via email request.Please email support@cloudinspections.com for more information.



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